Must Have Cookbooks and Recipe Gift Guide

Doesn’t matter if you cook a little or cook a lot……..

…..we all need a good cookbook or three. If your like me you have a few stuffed in a drawer somewhere and rarely pull one out. Worse yet, is that stack of printed out recipes that are also stuffed in that drawer. However, I will say I do pull some of those out now and then. Maybe you have a recipe box sitting on the counter that you may or may not use. Or you have a couple favorite recipes stuck to the fridge. “That’s me”.. LOL

As an Affiliate I may earn a small fee from qualifying purchases of some of the links you might click and purchase – at no additional cost to you.

Recently I have pulled a lot of that stuff out, got rid of a lot and am updating my cookbooks and recipes. I thought I would share some ideas with you. Now you all know I am a Nutrition nerd. Most of you know I am a Certified Nutrition Counselor (retired now), with about 25+ years background so yeah, my list of cookbooks tend to be about healthy cooking.

NOTE: Most of these books come in both Kindle and “in your hand” form.

Let’s get started with one that came highly recommended to me by a Naturopath Doctor. I rather like that title. And while we are looking at Dr. Greger books, here another of interest.

Some of these books may be plant based BUT, it doesn’t matter if you are a meat eater, you can use these healthy recipes as part of your meal. The point is — HEALTHY — ..

The Blue Zone is a VERY popular cookbook. The recipes are inspired by the Blue Zones locations around the world, where people live the longest. If your an insta-pot lover then check it out. Keto your thing? Here ya go.

Cool Ideas

How about a Blank Recipe Book to Write In? NOTE here.. these blank books are not just empty pages. They are actual recipe pages for you to fill out and really are cool inside. This first one is so handy. It even has kitchen references to help you with measurement equivalents. It is a great size -not too big and in the same time with enough writing space to jot down everything needed. And who can be without the Shit My Mom Taught Me To Cook? Oh I gotta have this one. Oh I love this Recipe Keepsake Book – To My Daughter. Create a recipe collection for her with this personalized recipe keepsake book. What a treasure to hand down.

Are you into fermenting? I sure am. Nothing screams probotics like ferments. Another thing I am really into is dehydrating food. It is the ultimate in preserving and storing for and it can last for years.

AND — Jerky. Of course we love it so let’s make some.

If your still stuck on that recipe box, let’s, at least, freshen it up with some recipe cards and maybe a new box.

And what about all those recipes we have printed out? I have a lot of them and probably use them more than anything else. I think that this might be just the thing. It’s a all in One – Three-ring recipe binder with plastic full page sheet protectors, tab dividers and tab labels. allows you to add more pages and flip through them easily. OR.. this Full Page Recipe Binder Kit with 60 4″x6″ Recipe Cards.

I think that’s enough to get you started and in a BIG way. YES? Some great ideas to get us motivated to get cooking. To inspire us to make our own recipe book that we might hand down. I have one very old one that both my Grandmother and Mother shared. Some pages are so faded and tattered you can hardly read them. I think I motivated myself to re-do them and have a hand me down for my own daughter.



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