About me….

I always hate the “about me” page but here goes.

That old black and white picture is me as a child. I believe we were visiting my Granny in Clancy Montana at the time. However, we lived in Fairbanks Alaska until I was around 11 years old.

I had a wild and crazy life in my younger years. Wheww, but I made it through with some pretty close calls. 

The picture of me in the cowboy hat was taken in the early 80s. I was the president of the Montana State Horse Council. Not sure why the picture makes my hair look red.. it sure wasn’t. LOL.

I love the outdoors. Very involved with horses in my younger days and over the years have raised and shown a variety of critters. Have enjoyed camping, fishing riding my 4 wheeler, photography, and walks with the dogs. I love growing things. The last few years we have been more active with our gardening and writing keeps me busy.

My favorite thing to do these days is go on day trips and take lots of photos. We live in a beautiful state and it seems we never run out of new backroads and byways to wander around on. We even get lost at times..

I am a retired, certified Nutrition & Wellness counselor (CNC, CWC). I have 25 years background and continue to offer help to those who reach out.

I have two beautiful, grown children. A grandson from one and a grand daughter from the other. And recently a great grandson. Yes, I am so old.. LOL..

I have always had a great passion for learning. No matter what venture I have went into, and there have been many. It was in the learning and research that make it work.

I now live a quiet life in rural Montana with my husband who is also my best friend, and our two dogs. 

Thanks for visiting