Today is really all we have

Living in the here and now can be difficult. We wander back into the past too often with “if only”, “what if”, “why”, and much more. We think about how it would be if we had done things differently or if someone else had done things differently. Dwelling on these things can take up a lot of our time. It can add to our stress. It can bring back negative feelings. And for what? What do we gain from it? We can’t change any of it and we know that, so why dwell on it?

Living in the future is a dream that may or may not happen as we expect it to. Today is really all we have. If we focus on that, we may build a lot better past and have a more pleasant future.

Missouri River – Fort Benton Montana

There is nothing wrong with looking back on the past thou. I find it very helpful to remember my “learning experiences” because it helps shape my today and also the tomorrows. Notice I did not say “mistakes”. I like to call them learning experiences ( if ) I learned from them. The past also yields a lot of wonderful memories. If I am going to dwell on something from the past, then, it’s those great memories I prefer.

Dwelling on the future is nearly as wasteful as dwelling on the past. Life can change in the blink of an eye and often does. We can plan and plot all we want but we can’t be sure it will ever happen at that time or place or in that way………….. if at all.. None the less, we plan, we save, we talk about “when” and we, often times, stress over it.

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball. I might say it does that more often than not. Most of us can testify to that. We feel disappointed far to often. Why? Because we had and have so many expectations. I, sometimes think expectations are the devils doings. Imagine if we stopped placing expectations on life. On other people. And even on ourselves.

Lets enjoy this very day. Yes we have things to do that are not fun, but it sure is easier if we go at it with a positive attitude and little expectations. Nothing or no one ever lives up to them anyway. Nor do we live up to theirs all the time. So, lets just be ourself and look for the joy that is around us. Let’s let people be who they are and do what they do so long as they are not stepping on our toes. Lets look for the good and the joy thru our day. It’s there. It’s actually everywhere. We just need to “see” it. Then.. let’s put one foot in front of the other and live this day.

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