Growing Herb Series

All About Growing a variety of herbs

When I first started growing herbs I had no idea how it would improve my garden and my cooking. Not only did it give our family a variety of savory flavors in our favorite dishes, but it made the garden smell wonderful. Everyone who visited commented on how good it smelled around the garden.

The robust flavor and smell of fresh cut herbs is something we never forget. Be it cut from our own garden or offered by a friend from theirs. Packaged, store bought can rarely compare in color, aroma or flavor and once you have tried garden grown it is hard to use the store bought afterward.

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I have been growing herb in our garden for many years. They are the easiest part of gardening as they require a lot less care than a lot of the vegetables we grow.

One of the nice things is that most herbs grow as well in pots as in the ground and it’s nice to be able to move them around, use them for decoration on the patio or bring indoors.

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I hear that cooking from scratch (such as soups and stews) are so bland. Ah, but we can flavor them much better than the store bought packaged stuff and with delicious healthy spices and herbs rather than some chemical concoction.


If you decide to purchase herbs and spices pre-packaged .. please look for organic. Otherwise they are generally irradiated. Irradiation kills microbes, pests, and bacteria, but it generally also kills nutrients.

In the Growing Herb Series you can find

More to come.. What herb would you like to learn more about? Drop a comment


2 thoughts on “Growing Herb Series

  1. My favorite, which is very hard to find, is salad burnet. I usually have to start my own from seeds. But I love all herbs and have been growing them for thirty years I guess. I just grew them for their beauty for a LONG time, but finally started using them. I guess my second favorite is sage. And then rosemary.
    Your graphics are very pretty.
    🙂 gwingal


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