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With Your Business in Mind….

A lot of us love writing our content and doing the whole blog thing. However, some of us really dread the designing aspect of it all. We might hate making our video’s, audio’s and printables. Maybe we have never thought of some design ideas that might encourage our readers to visit another page or purchase a product.


I started using videos on Pinterest over a month ago. Now we hear that Pinterest is wanting to see more video’s. HOWEVER, it has to fit well. It can’t be to long. And we don’t want one of those super short jiggly things either. Here is a sample of one of mine that have brought in thousands of views in just a few hours.. NOTE: I am not anywhere close to a “big” player on pinterest, so, I was very surprised by the number of views.

Something more simple??

Here is a slide show vid with music that I made for a local business


Business Cards

Check them out HERE..


Some things are available for as low as $5.00 and you may find you can purchase a really nice video with a talking avatar for around $50. that can cost $300 and up elsewhere. BUT.. THESE PRICES WILL NOT LAST LONG.

Stationary Visuals

If your like me you share your blog articles on your Business page or even personal page on Facebook and elsewhere. Many times they seem to receive little attention or click through’s. Yet, if you just write a little post of share a personal photo, it seems to grab more attention. Facebook, as an example, seems to show your personal posts and photos far more than links. Or use them as a widget on your sidebar.

While I am working on getting design items into our shop we can still take orders: All we need from you is your text, photos, audio or video. OR YOU CAN LEAVE IT TO US. Once we decide on what you want and a price, I can drop a receipt into my shop here on my website where you can pay with a credit card or paypal if you wish. Contact me via email at

If nothing else — this might have given you some ideas to try on your own