Must Have Cowgirl Fashion

For the cowgirl in all of us gals

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At one time or another we all want to be a cowgirl. Or… at least we want to dress up like one. But what do we wear that is truly “cowgirl?” We sure don’t want to look fake. No, we want to look like the real deal.

Well……. you have come to the right place. I have been a cowgirl all my life. From working on cattle ranches to barrel racing. I am going to help you dress the part perfectly.

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Let’s start with the right jeans. Wranglers are still the best bet when it comes to real cowgirl style. Cowboy too. But let’s give it a little flair with a touch of design on the pockets. Wrangler Women’s Western Mid Rise Stretch Boot Cut Jean. Yes ya want boot cut so they fit nicely over your boots. And having that added bit of “stretch” makes it more comfortable. PLUS size ladies… we got ya covered. And third.. if ya wanna step it up in price ARIAT Women’s R.e.a.l Mid Rise Straight Leg jean is a popular choice.


Now we need a top. Let’s stay western ladies. Wrangler makes great shirts for women and of course for men as well. This pink version is a Western Yoke Two Pocket Snap Shirt. Want a bit more old style flair? Check out the bright red Embroidered Long Sleeves Button Down Dress Shirt from Rodeo Clothing. Wow, that’s an eye popper. Going out on a date? Take a look at the blue Casual Short Sleeve Flowy Lace Cold Shoulder Top from Bluetime. Comfy and a little sexy.

Oh La La

Going to a party, Out on a date, and ya wanna dress up a bit? I love this sun dress by Riviera. A woven crepe fabric made of 100% rayon that’s comfortably lightweight and incredibly soft. They say its a great fit from petite to beautifully big. The sage green is great but the brown is my choice and I had to toss those boots on because they match the brown dress so well.

Vests? Wraps? Why Sure

Add some flair over your wrangler snap shirt with a trendy vest. Fringe is always in style. The first one is a faux suede and comes in a variety of colors. It’s a great choice for dressing it up or down. Or, how about a 3/4 Sleeve Lace Trim Casual Wrap Cardigan. Love it in mustard. I love my plaid and this buffalo plaid by Yacun is now on my “want” list.

Ya Gotta Have a Hat

Well, ya don’t gotta but why not? How about this Woven Straw hat? Yes I like it but I would toss that hat band. Stayin’ western is this Buck tan, 3X felt hat with leather braided bolo overlay, pinch front. I love it. Don’t forget the Classic Ballcap. Personally, I go with the ball caps every time unless it’s a dress up affair.

Your not fully dressed without your boots

There are so many styles of boots these days. You have the basic boot, the riding boot and so many more choices. You have a stylish basic boot that is 100% man made. Very popular for casual to dress up is the modern distressed look. Going dancing? The Fringe and Stud boots are downright sexy.

Now your dressed. From running the arena, heading a cow or off on date nite with your cowboy. Oh whoops. I think we need a few accessories.


When it comes to belts with jeans I prefer simple leather but concho belts are always in style when dressing up.

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Purses and bags……

Whewww.. Are we good? I think so.



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