Clearing up misconceptions

Some have a misconception of what my book might be about.. NO, it’s not about dumping your Doctor. Following is the table of contents to give you an idea. ……

If you have been looking for something to really give you the motivation and inspiration to make changes in your life for YOUR HEALTH, then you have just found it……….

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Section 1: Removing Roadblocks

Roadblock #1 The Natural Human Body
Roadblock #2: We Have Choices
Roadblock #3 Becoming Informed

Section 2: Motivation

What Motivates Us
Fear Is the Best Inspiration
Doctors Don’t Have Wings
My Friends Keep Dying
The Good Motivation
Why Don’t We Care Enough

Section 3: Changes

Joan’s Journey
Reasons To Change
Crowding Out

Supplements 101
Herbs & Spices 101
Essential Oils 101
Messing With Our Food
Helping Our Immune System Keep Us Well
The Barter Method
Saving Time
Tips & Changes
Sleep and Stress


About the Author

FREE 4 pages of Snippets out of the book GRAB IT


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