Fresh spring rains

This is a guest post by my daughter Kristina Smith.. A very ambitous young woman with many irons in the fire. Her passion is exercise and the great outdoors.

When she is not running or biking some trail around Fort Benton, Great Falls or off in the Bob Marshall winderness, she is kayaking down the Missouri River or up at the butt crack of dawn with her fellow exercise friends for a workout. All of that before and after work.

She takes a lot of beautiful photos (mostly with her phone).. And she writes some very poetic words along with them. I thought I would showcase some of her ventures .. (with her permission.)

This one was on the outskirts of Great Falls.. Some at Giant Springs state park and nearby. All that follows are her words and her photos..

Fresh spring rains made the birds sing a song of symphonic joy, what a treat for the ears. I cant show you how fragrant and rich all the different floral and fauna smells where, but it was intoxicating. Unfortunately not a good enough camera to share all the amazing species of birds and waterfowl I enjoyed this morning, at least not….yet. Cedar Waxwings, Bullocks Oriole, American Goldfinch, Dark Eyed Junco, Chipping Sparrow, Brown Headed Cowbird. Tree and Cliff Swallows, Western Grebe, Goose, Mallards and Killdeer. God is good and the works of his hands give him glory. Sometimes even mankind……

For more information about Giant Springs State Park – Great Falls Montana CLICK HERE


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