We Beat the Deadline..

My latest book has been released.. Following is a little blurb about the book..

“Breaking Free From the Medical Matrix” (A Guide) was inspired by the author’s experience of a great deal of sadness and a good bit of happiness. The sadness from watching so many friends, family, and even strangers travel down a path of sickness, disability, and far too often an early death. Many times in the most horrible, painful, and tortured ways. The happiness from watching others who broke free and found a way to manage and overcome sickness and disease.
The author’s inspiration also comes from her 25+ years doing research, going to school to become certified as a Nutrition and Wellness Counselor, educating herself and others, and working in client care. Not to mention that she, herself, successfully overcame a variety of health issues mostly due to her own research and the use of natural methods. Some being curing carpal tunnel, ending years of chronic infections, withdrawal from a highly addictive Rx drug, surviving 3 rounds of black mold, and gaining control over a heart condition.
This book is a jam packed guide for making the journey to better health with a broader view of the process. Written in a simple and easy to understand manner. Section One will guide the reader past the roadblocks that sometimes keep us from taking action. It will give you the tools needed to become super informed and awaken you to the wider world of healthcare choices. Section Two will MOTIVATE THE HELL OUT OF YOU with experiences, stories, and encouragement. Section Three will give the reader a plethora of specific information on many areas from food, vitamins, minerals, to herbs and oils. It goes further with time saving tips, suggestions, and so much more.

As an Amazon Associate I earn a small fee from qualifying purchases of some of the links you might click and purchase at no additional cost to you.

Linda Carlson – Certified Nutrition & Wellness Counselor (retired) with 25+ years background.

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