Why Childhood Nutrition is Important

.ra-button {padding: .3em .9em; border-radius: .25em; background: linear-gradient(#fff, #efefef); box-shadow: 0 1px .2em gray; display: inline-flex; align-items: center; cursor: pointer;} .ra-button img {height: 1em; margin: 0 .5em 0 0;} Listen to this article function readAloud(au,pl){var bs="https://assets.sitespeaker.link/embed/";/iPad|iPhone|iPod/.test(navigator.userAgent)&&(au.src=bs+"sound/silence.mp3",au.play());var xhr=new XMLHttpRequest;xhr.open("GET",bs+"js/readaloud.min.js?ajax=1",!0),xhr.onreadystatechange=function(){4==xhr.readyState&&200==xhr.status&&(eval(xhr.responseText),readAloudInit(au,pl))},xhr.send(null)} AND HOW TO GET THEM TO EAT HEALTHY Getting your child to eat healthy can seem like … Continue reading Why Childhood Nutrition is Important

Prepare Your 2020 food Storage NOW

Let's do it the Cheap and Healthy way. (Canning not included) https://videopress.com/v/CwejS7rb?autoPlay=true&preloadContent=metadata Better to prepare now than play the waiting game because the chances are high that there may be a food shortage coming. I have already seen some signs of it lately. I say this with a fair amount of confidence. In the past … Continue reading Prepare Your 2020 food Storage NOW