PAIN… what we can do

Knee Pain, Elbow Pain, Muscle Pain, Hip Pain, Nerve Pain, Joint Pain, Foot Pain, Leg Pain, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Sciatica Pain and just hurt all over PAIN..
I think we all have some to one degree or another. As we age it seems to become more of a problem with each passing year.

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Why so much pain: Chronic pain can be caused by many different factors. Sometimes it’s nerve damage and injuries that fail to heal properly. More often we are told it’s just age. I get a little tired of that one but it’s a good one for the doctors to fall back on. “Oh, your getting older and it just comes with age.” To a degree that might be true but there are a lot of people who age without chronic pain. We don’t find to many of them here in America but they can be found around the world in other countries. (we will talk about a few examples a bit later)..

Back pain seems to be the number one complaint when it comes to pain. That and a few other areas of pain can be due to a variety or combination of factors. Being overweight because it puts a lot of excess strain on the back and knees can have a big impact. Years of poor posture, lifting and carrying heavy objects improperly, wearing high heels and sleeping on a poor mattress are a few other possibilities.

Disease can also be the underlying cause of chronic pain. The conversation often ends there. “You have arthritis or fibromyalgia or multiple sclerosis, and that is the cause of your pain.” Next comes the RX drug prescriptions, other specialist doctors, possible surgery and maybe a mention of Physical Therapy. What always seems to be missing is the ROOT cause. No one seems to want to talk about “why” we have the condition. How did we get it. The medical community generally goes no further back in time. They diagnose and treat symptoms. The symptom is the pain. They don’t treat the cause of the pain. They don’t know how. Their tools to treat are EXTREMELY limited. It seems that drugs and/or surgery is all they have.

Stress enhances the pain. We all know how we tighten up with pain. That’s body stress and it makes it worse. Learning to pay attention to when we do that and try to relax can help.

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The irony of many of today’s prescription drugs is the side effects often list joint pain and muscle pain as side effects. That is CODE for — we are going to deteriorate your muscles, joints and bones. Now imagine being on 2, 3 or more of these drugs. Yet, there is never any talk about it. Doctors rarely warn patients. Unless we look up the full list of side effects our self, we may never connect the two.

How GREAT would it be if people considered PREVENTATIVE measures in advance. Could we save ourselves from a lot of pain and illness? I believe so. Unfortunately – many seem to wait until they already have an issue and even then go the drug/surgery route rather than make a lifestyle change. A fast, temporary fix seems to be the preferred choice.

Let’s look at some areas where people age without all the chronic pain and why.

Nicoya, Costa Rica is one- They have a sense of purpose in life that promotes a physically active lifestyle. They get outdoors a lot, they sleep 8 hours and their diet is full of nutrient rich foods. The water there is naturally high in calcium and magnesium.

Greece is another example. More specifically Ikaria, Greece – A lot of walking, fishing and farming keep many quite active. The Mediterranean diet is typical there along with consuming wild greens and drinking a lot of herbal tea.

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Okinawa, Japan is well known for the highest life expectancy of their seniors. They seem to remain healthy into old age and suffer very few age-related ailments. Why? Once again, they spend a lot of active outdoor time. Gardening is a big thing there and they consume a diet of healthy nutritious foods.

Another thing that nearly all of these long-lived societies seem to have in common is no or very limited consumption of refined sugar and other processed foods. SADLY.. this is changing with increased globalization. The diet is becoming more American’ized everywhere and it’s already showing up in the health and longevity of these countries.

From what we know so far there seems to be two major things we need to do. Eat healthy and keep moving. Unfortunately .. we don’t do either for a lot of reasons. To busy is the biggest one. So many people have a life that is jammed packed full of busy’ness they just don’t have time to eat right or exercise.

We can find the time today or we can pay the price tomorrow.

If our own health is way down on our list of priorities we will pay for it eventually. We have to work yes? But when we are flat on our back in the hospital we will not be at work. When we come down with cancer (as 1 in 2 people do), we will spend every single dime we have and go into debt as well as we try to stay alive. As the weight increases so does the chances of several chronic diseases and pain.

The average American knows all of this but manage to keep it pushed way back in the mind so as not to think about it. Well, until it happens.

For the older folks it can, more often, be an issue of motivation. We now have more time but we can’t get motivated. Sometimes it’s hard because we are already suffering with a lot of pain or various health issues. Sometimes we have no more social engagement that can, at least, get us out and about. It is really hard to get motivated to exercise when it hurts so damn bad. Even thou we know that the exercise will help and possibly prevent even more pain in the future.

So what’s the solution?

I WANT TO — is the solution. Something has to happen to make us really WANT to re-prioritize our daily schedule. We can make time to eat better and get in some exercise if it becomes important enough. I write a lot about this in my book “Breaking Free From The Medical Matrix.” You may find it worth a read. There are a lot of helpful ideas along with some great motivation for all ages. It might get you excited about your health.

In the meanwhile, we can do some simple things to help ease the pain. I have put together a FREE printable with my top 10 Natural Tips to Less Pain. You can find it in the FREE Resource Library.

Following are a few things that have worked for me and my husband.

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This is my go to for topical pain relief. So far, I have not found anything better.

Better than prescriptions I have tried is CBD Hemp oil.. Not to be confused with basic Hemp oil.. Two different things entirely.. Click below to read my article ..

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Linda Carlson – Certified Nutrition & Wellness Counselor (retired) with 25+ years background.

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6 thoughts on “PAIN… what we can do

  1. Great points! It’s amazing how many people want a “magic pill” and don’t want to hear they need to move more and eat less! I’d much rather work out at the gym a few days a week, work outside on others, eat a bit less, but not have to pop a bunch of pills every day! I do have some chronic pain due to an autoimmune issue, but moving makes a huge difference. I’ve also found magnesium and turmeric more effective as pain and inflammation reducers than anything I can buy at the drug store.


    • I would start with a good probotic every single day. And eating probotic food is much better than the pills.. It can really make a difference. 2. write down what you ate .. find the triggers. Generally speaking.. acidic foods can cause it. But a lot of rx drugs do as well.


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