Planning A Grow Bag Garden

More and more people are growing their gardens in grow bags for a variety of reasons. Advantages 1. Cost: Grow bags are inexpensive. Especially if purchased at the right time of year. 2. Size: The average size used in a basic garden are from 5 to 10 gallon. The height makes it easier on those … Continue reading Planning A Grow Bag Garden

Growing Goji Berries in the North

Growing Goji Berries, how to dry them, use Goji berries -and- access to yummy recipes. Lycium Barbarum or Goji berry. They are also known as wolfberry and sometimes called matrimony vine. They have been grown in parts of Asia for centuries. More specificily in China and the Himalayan mountain region of Tibet. In these regions … Continue reading Growing Goji Berries in the North