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I never promote anything lightly and without a lot of research. I am highly impressed with this little company that is family owned and run. They offer a variety of wonderful products at affordable prices. I have used some of their products with happy results. One of the owners is a master herbalist and master gardener.

Note: (I am an affiliate with Sage Works Organics. I may earn a small fee from items you might click on and purchase (at no additional cost to you. )

All things great for creating an amazing atmosphere in your home. You will find Essential oils, rose spray, candles and more.

Everything you need for a luxurious, sensuous, uplifting bathing experience. You will find handmade soaps, a rose clay mask and more.

Everything you need for a regimen of smooth, youthful, clean facial care.
You will find a variety of masks, such as turmeric, rose clay, and charcoal. Plus, eye serum, lip balm, rose water and more.

For all things relating to keeping the body youthful and vibrant. You will find lotions, body butter, rose water, deodorant and more.

The Replenish Line consists of top selling products that replenish, relieve and revitalize the body. Each product is specifically hand formulated and aimed to aid in soothing muscle fatigue and restlessness, muscle cramps, spasms, aches and pains. Check out the Spectacular Ache Away Pack.

The Very Popular “Ache Away Pack”
SAVE when you buy this kit: We have combined three of our most popular products to help alleviate pain, soreness, muscle tension, inflammation, nerve pain and more.
You get an 8oz Extra Strength Magnesium Body Butter, a 2oz Ache Away Herbal Salve, and a 2oz Extra Strength Magnesium Oil Spray.

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More about Sage Work Organics:

In 2010 we founded Sage Work Organics as a way to offer our clients the most natural products possible. We are a family run business in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Michael (Founder) formulates the products and runs the operations, marketing, web design, product package design, photography, creative content, and anything else needing to get done. Trent (Michael’s Fiance) makes the products and helps in formulating new items. Susan (Michael’s Mother) helps with voicemails, shipping, and testing products. We also have a couple friends which help us with production and shipping when needed. We believe that our family run business should support the local community and so we also offer classes and workshops on how to use and make herbal remedies, natural beauty products, and other natural products.
We draw from generations of experience in herbs and natural formulations in order to provide products that elevate your health and beauty from the outside-in as well as the inside-out. All of our products are produced as naturally as possible, using organic & wild-crafted ingredients whenever possible.
Our brand, as well as our product vision, incorporates a concept of Hygge. Hygge is a Scandinavian word which means comfort, cozy, great experiences, and it can be with friends or alone. It focuses on living a life of great moments which allows us to feel the comfort of good things.
To each of us this can mean something different. The most important aspect of Hygge is to take the time to realize how good that moment is.

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