Exclusive Botanical Interests Gift Guide

Botanical Interests have some of the most beautiful gardening items you will find..

As an Affiliate I may earn a small fee from qualifying purchases of some of the links you might click and purchase – at no additional cost to you.

I love them so much I decided to do a gift guide dedicated just to them. You can clink on any of the banners to take you to their beautiful website.. Not the photos.. Just the banners.

Botanical Interest started the company 25 years ago. They say it started with the desire to share the beauty, fascination, and satisfaction of seed gardening with others. Nurturing seeds in the garden slows us down to reconnect to nature and earth, develops bonds in a community, and creates family traditions and memories.


They have some of the most versatile seed collections and the packaging is more than gift worthy. Below is The Basic Bounty Collection, the Children’s Garden Collection and the Chef Herb Collection and the Baby Greens Sample Collection

Seeds are not all they carry. Check out their Botanical Artwork and Gift Cards. Just beautiful..

And there’s more……..

Don’t forget to grab a calendar and a gift certificate for your gardening friends

But that’s still not all. They also carry some gardening tools and supplies like these paper pots. Great for recycling. And if you need some extra seed packets they got you covered.

Of course there is more. Many more seed collections like FLOWERS.. Below is the Butterfly Bouquet Collection and the Drought Tolerant Flower collection.

OK, OK… I think you have the idea… What gardener would not be thrilled with any of these items? As a gardener I know I would be.

Clink on any of the BELOW banners to take you to their beautiful website..



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