20 Gift Ideas for the Hunter

If you have a hunter in the family

….then you know you can’t go wrong when you get them a hunting related gift. I know this because my family is full of hunters. My grand dad was a avid hunter and all my uncles were as well. Even one Aunt and my Mother. We grew up where hunting was the way we got meat on the table.

Below is a very old picture of one of my uncles on a hunting trip here in Montana.

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It’s still that way today. We hunt, the kids hunt and the grand kids hunt. It’s still how we put the majority of our meat on the table.

I never have to fret and stew over gifts for the hunters in the family and one thing that is always a sure fire hit is warm, lightweight thermal clothing. I remember when thermal underwear was pretty expensive. Now, its not near as expensive as it used to be.. The nice thing is can be worn anytime its cold. Hunting season or otherwise.

And don’t forget the ladies or the kids. Hunting is often a family affair and if you have lady hunters in your family they will appreciate the thoughtful gift. Kiddies also.

A must have is a good backpack to carry their field dressing kit and other essentials. Nothing to big and bulky. My husband prefers a type of fanny pack. Or course its a big bigger than what you might picture in your mind. He does not want to have to unload some big pack off his back. He says its much easier to have it up front and easy to access. He carries what he needs in there. His field dressing kit, license, cut glove, bandages, ear plugs, nylon rope, and probably some more things I can’t remember.

Make sure your hunter has quality gear. The last thing they need is a sub par field dressing kit. No one needs to have a dull knife or be caught without a bone saw. And a pair of “no cut” gloves could save them from a nasty cut to their hand.

I feel a pair of “no cut” gloves is an invaluable gift for any hunter. When dressing out game it can to easy to have an accident.

There are so many great ideas. Some things are “must have’s” and if your hunter is experienced he or she probably has the majority of those “must have’s.” Things like a good pair of hiking boots and warm gloves.


My husband would not be without his range finder. You see that big buck out there. Is it within range? You have sighted in your rifle and know, pretty much, where your bullet will hit at certain distances. They are a bit spendy but we want a clean shot yes? We do not want to have to track down a wounded animal.

Another thing that a treat to have if your end up getting down to steady a long shot, is a bipod. Once again. Making a clean shot is important.

Let’s talk about other, thoughtful gift ideas for the hunter that are both affordable and appreciated. Always useful are Thermal Gloves and Thermal Socks. Make sure they have some bandages in their pack. Paracord bracelets could come in extremely handy. It is also an excellent choice for pulling out game. My husband keeps about 25 feet of it in his pack for just that purpose. There is always some on the truck as well.

I can remember a few times when we got a call from a friend or neighbor who lost one in the dark and needed help tracking them down. Nothing worse than trying to track a wounded animal in the dark and no one likes to leave one that way. A blood tracking light may save the day, or night in this case.

If the hunter on your list is just getting started, there are some great reading resources available.

I hope you found this guide helpful and that you now have some great ideas for gifts for the big game hunter or hunters in your life.


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