Shonkin Montana

Shonkin is more of an “”area”” rather than a town. Yet, it is a community that is made up of various ranchers and farmers that live in the area.

A little drive thru the Shonkin area is a beautiful get away. The road ventures along the foothills of the Highwood Mountains and can be accessed from either the Fort Benton side or the Geraldine side. Its a great day drive. Stop and have a little picnic or fish in Shonkin creek. May is a great time if you want to catch the Arrowleaf Balsamroot flowers.

The nearest towns are Fort Benton, Highwood and Geraldine. Now Geraldine and Highwood are blips in the road really. You can get a better idea by going HERE

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One thought on “Shonkin Montana

  1. What a beautiful looking area! My husbands paternal grandparents emigrated to Montana from Germany in the late 1800s. We’ve heard tales of the natural wonders of the area.


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