The “Unique” Beaver Creek Park

We drive up to Havre Montana a couple times a month and, more often than not, we come back thru Beaver Creek Park located just on the skirts of the Bears Paw Mountains. Most of those mountains are part of the Rocky Boy Reservation. But the park is owned by the County. (more about the park later in this article.)

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The photos here are some of many I have taken over the last few years and they vary with time of year. They keep the road open thru the park which makes it nice as we can come thru nearly anytime. The following pic is a nice view of (most) of Bears Paw Lake.

D’fly Photoz copyright

Highway 87 is the main highway from Great Falls to Havre and goes right by are area. On our way up we can see the Paw from the highway. Always a nice distraction from the all the farm land along the way.

Following is a photo of Beaver Creek as it runs into Bears Paw Lake. This was in the late fall.

D’fly Photoz copyright

Instead of coming back on 87 we leave Havre traveling south. That goes straight up to the park. It’s kind of a big loop. Not a lot of difference in distance but a very nice way to not have to go and come the same route. To get back to highway 87 and come home we travel down through the reservation.

Following is another shot of Bears Paw Lake during the fall.

D’fly Photoz copyright

It’s always a beautiful drive anytime of year and the road is generally open all year. And even thou this was last week, the middle of January, it was 45 degrees up there. There was not enough snow anywhere to even speak of. Quite different from this week.

I took the following photo early this spring at one of the many campsites along Beaver Creek. By the way… Beaver Creek is rightly named. There are many beaver in the area and at certain times of the year you can see quite a few dams.

D’fly Photoz copyright

When you first enter the park from the north, we find the bigger of the two lakes in Beaver Creek. Both with a few camping spots. I read the signs and could not find a name for this lake. I hear – it is a favorite for local fishermen. We have never fished it.

Following is a more current photo this spring (2019). The creek is running high and washing out some of the beaver dams.

D’fly Photoz copyright

Another more current photo.. These are Box Elder trees I was told. Very knarly and full of knots.

D’fly Photoz copyright

Following is a photo of the big lake .. well, most of it.. Looks pretty desolate but there are campgrounds, outhouses and at least one pavilion plus some place to put in your boat. Not my idea of a hot summer camp spot thou. Not much for shelter.

D’fly Photoz copyright

A bit further up the road is another, much smaller lake. This one has a name thou. Bears Paw Lake and I have already posted photos above. We have camped there several times and my husband caught a few fish. It’s not a big lake and thus, no motorized boats.

The photo below is as we are getting closer to the end of the park. The view is of the Bears Paw mountains — most of which set on the Rocky Boy Reservation. There are camping places up there as well. Both areas have a small fee to camp. You won’t find the paved roads on reservation land thou. I have photos of camping trips up there .. I may do another article with those photos later on.

D’fly Photoz copyright

Following is another more recent and actually not in the park but shortly after we left the park and came onto the Rocky Boy Reservation.

Beaver Creek Park is the Largest County Park in the United States and it’s really not very big. It was set aside as a public park and entrusted to the care of the city of Havre back in 1916 .

The Park is a 10,000 acre strip along the north slopes of the Bear Paw Mountains, and is about one mile wide by seventeen miles long.
Here is a link to the Beaver Creek Park website if your interested in learning more.

Have you traveled thru Beaver Creek?


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6 thoughts on “The “Unique” Beaver Creek Park

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  2. I’ve never been to Montana (although I’d love to go!), but this looks beautiful! Definitely have to add it to my “need to go” places list. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photography.

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  3. What gorgeous photos! I love road trips and just seeing the scenery.I feel more relaxed just staring at your pictures.
    My Mr. Menace has been to Montana and wants to take me. Maybe someday.
    🙂 gwingal

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