Weight Loss – Why Torture Ourselves?

Who has been thru the “diet” faze with disappointment? Weight loss only to regain it and sometimes more. Eating pre made meals with more additives than actual food. Going hungry to follow a plan. Trying this diet and that diet with dismal results.

Or jumping on the big exercise program that doesn’t last or becomes such a forced issue that we grow to hate it. Haven’t we all had that treadmill that becomes a clothes hanger? Of course we need exercise but we don’t need to go crazy with it. However, if that’s your thing then kudo’s – go for it.

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The best exercise for all around health is simply walking. Try 5 minutes and work your way up to more.

I think that -sometimes – some people – believe things need to be hard and/or costly in order to work. No, no it doesn’t.

I am not going to get into the numbers and statistics on the obesity crisis. I think we all know it’s one of the biggest drivers of preventable chronic diseases and healthcare costs. Sadly it seems to get worse every year. Worse yet is the numbers for the children.

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It is often said to be genetic but the only thing I have found “genetic” about it are the habits we inherit. Simply put, we learn to eat like our parents eat.

And –it’s not always about eating to much, Well, not exactly. There is a little more to it a lot of times. So here is what happens more often than not. When we eat a nutritionally deficient meal. Our body looks for the nutrition it needs. When it doesn’t find it – it tells us to eat again. We eat more of the same and our body says eat again.. and again.

Another very overlooked issue with weight gain is prescription drugs. If you choose to peruse the side effects you will find weight gain on a great many of them. Combine 2 or 3 of these drugs with weight gain as a side effect and you may surly have a problem. This can often be the case when someone manages to loose some of the weight and then it stops abruptly.

I have spent 25+ years taking a look at it. My husband and I have both lost our excess weight and kept it off. I have worked with clients who have also lost their excess weight successfully and kept it off. Some of them loosing well over 100 pounds. And we didn’t do it with expensive diets or crazy exercise programs.

The first thing we need to understand is that processed foods have little to no nutrition and a whole lot of additives, chemicals, dyes, and highly processed sugar, salt and fat. Some of these added ingredients can become highly addictive besides being nutritionally deficient. Our body needs many varied nutrients to keep well. It’s the fuel to run our body, much like our car needs gas and oil to continue to run properly. We would not dream of giving our car anything else so why do we care less about our own body?

There is also the fact that not everyone who might look overweight actually are. There is a difference between being “big” and being “fat.” People can be large and healthy. This is a good reason why I never used the medical BMI (Body Mass Index) in all my years of practice. It might be a good -very general- guideline and that’s about it. You just can’t put everyone in a box because each person and their body are simply “different.”

What I have seen work best throughout my 25 plus years has been simple really. Eat real food and eat less meat.

The more you stay away from processed, chemical filled, fake food the better. The more you reach for clean, unprocessed food the better. The more you cut back on your meat and dairy the better. The more vegetables and fruits, the more nutrients we give our body to do it’s job. And, the more satisfied the body is the less it will scream at us to eat again and again.

I hope this has been of some help in understanding a little more about why we might fail to loose weight and what we can do to help ourselves.

Linda Carlson – Certified Nutrition & Wellness Counselor (retired) with 25+ years background.


Feel free to ask your “weight issue” questions. I always answer.

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7 thoughts on “Weight Loss – Why Torture Ourselves?

  1. I am a plant based vegan and I have trouble loosing weight because I don’t eat complete meals. Reading this has pointed that out to me. Thanks for this article and I am going to HRA over to amazon to get your book. Love and light


  2. This is great advise. I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life and as you get older, it only gets harder. I will start walking a little more each day and watch what I eat and try again.


    • I am wondering if you read the article since that is pretty much what I said. I did not talk about any kind of diet. It was all about lifestyle changes. And I disagree with “portion control”. I believe we can eat all we want of real foods.


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